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Location: Gorkha
Price: ₨10,000

The Short Manaslu Circuit Trek - 12 Days consolidates two areas: the Manaslu locale and the Annapurna district.
Assuming you take a gander at a guide, you can see that the path circumnavigates Mount Manaslu, which stands high at a height of 8156 meters. The path embodies the superb magnificence of Nepal's line with Tibet.
It is wealthy in biodiversity, regular excellence, and similarly entrancing, social interests. Our path starts along the banks of the Budhi Gandaki River, close to rice fields, munching creatures, and inviting residents.
Continuing on, we climb north towards the higher height. We go through Gurung towns, however as we got ever more elevated, the populace is totally ethnically Tibetan, and, surprisingly, an alternate lingo is spoken.
Neighborhood individuals are Tibetan Buddhist affected and offer splendid friendliness.
A significant feature of our Manaslu Circuit Trek - 12 Day is the Larke Pass (5135 meters), which offers once in a blue moon Himalayan perspectives. It is somewhat of an experience to get up there, as the pass is normally covered with snow.
The grand perspectives on the high Himalayas, thick woods down beneath, and profound chasms make this trip a rare encounter.
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